4 Reasons Why Robot Vacuums are Better than Vacuum Cleaners

When it comes to floor cleaning, the choices are limited to the vacuum cleaner and the robot vacuum. If the first one is more common, the second one is a more innovative appearance on the market, which is why it is becoming more and more popular. Although they use the same vacuum principle, there are many differences between the two devices and there are many reasons for you to choose the robot vacuum over the vacuum cleaner.

Robot vacuums use the latest technologies

If you are a tech fan and you want to enjoy the most advanced technologies that make your life easier, the robot vacuum is what you need at home. This smart device operates by itself using the latest navigation systems that allow it to detect obstacles and create a cleaning path. The multiple sensors of the robot vacuum enable it to spot dirt and to stay on track so there will be no need for you to interfere in its cleaning routine.

A robot vacuum is easier to operate

It’s these precise technologies that make the robot vacuum so comfortable to use, given that it will reach even the narrowest corners without you having to bend or knee. The self-cleaning mode enables it to work by itself with the single push of a button so you can use the remaining time to do something else. Unlike the vacuum cleaners that require you to handle the, the robot vacuum scores point at convenience and functionality. Simply set a cleaning cycle or program the robot vacuum to start cleaning at a future time and you can leave it to work.

They clean the floor more efficiently

Even though the vacuum cleaners are powerful and they have a telescopic pipe that helps you reach further places, they can’t compare to the efficiency of the robot vacuum in reaching even the deepest places. The bristle brushes that agitate the dust and debris allow them to collect everything from the floors and they can even remove dust bunnies that usually get trapped under the furniture. Every inch of your floors and carpets will be more sparkling clean and sanitized than when using the vacuum cleaner.

The compact shape makes them easier to store

Besides being more efficient in cleaning the floors, the compact shape of the robot vacuum also makes it easier to store away. If you were having troubles storing your old vacuum cleaner because it was too bulky and heavy, you will not have this issue with the robot vacuum. Being the size of a plate and to higher than a few inches, you can easily slide it under a bed or any other furniture or you can find a place for it in a drawer. No more tubes, cables, and brushes to hide behind closets.