Best Devices for Improving the Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is of great importance to our health due to the fact that the vast majority of our time is spent indoors, no matter if we’re talking about the office or our homes. Unfortunately, there are a lot of pollutants and contaminants that lurk in the air that we breathe while being indoors. These pollutants and contaminants can pose a serious threat to our health, especially for those who suffer from allergies or asthma. Fortunately, there are a lot of devices on the market that are specially designed to improve indoor air quality. In the following lines, we will show which are your best choices.

Frigidaire FFAD5033R1 dehumidifier

Mold and mildew are among the most dangerous “guests” that can make an appearance into your home. They thrive in humid environments, and their spores can cause serious allergic reactions and severe problems for asthmatics. Also, they damage the health of individuals that don’t suffer from these health problems. To make it impossible for mold and mildew to appear, you have to use the Frigidaire FFAD5033R1 dehumidifier. This device helps prevent the appearance of mold and mildew by lowering indoor humidity until it reaches a healthy level that you have set. It comes at the price of around $150. If you connect the unit to a nearby drain, it will operate continuously. Otherwise, you have to empty its 13.1-pint water tank when it gets filled. It can remove up to 50 pints of moisture per day. In addition, this dehumidifier comes with a useful 24-hour timer that you can set as you see fit in order to save energy.

Dyson Pure Cool Link air purifier

No device can compare to an air purifier when it comes to improving indoor air quality. The model that we recommend you use is the Dyson Pure Cool Link that comes at the price of $500. In addition to having a very stylish design that makes it perfect for any room of your home or for the office, this air purifier is able to remove up to 99.97% of allergens and pollutants. It can handle contaminants as small as 0.3 microns. This intelligent device automatically monitors indoor air quality, reacting when it senses pollutants by purifying the air. Also, it’s very discrete when it operates. This makes it ideal for use in spaces that need silence in them like the office, the bedroom, or the nursery.

Ecovacs DN78 robot vacuum cleaner

A lot of the contaminants and pollutants that lurk in the air we breathe while we’re indoors come from the floors and carpets. Therefore, if you want to maintain a good health, you must ensure that the surfaces you walk on are clean at all times. For this, you should use the Ecovacs DN78 robot vacuum cleaner. It comes at the incredibly low price of $330. What makes this model so special is the fact that in addition to vacuuming, it features an optional mopping system that allows you to sweep and mop the floors as well. The best part is that you don’t have to lift a finger to operate it. Being a robotic device, it handles the tasks at hand all by itself. The sensors that it features help the robotic vacuum cleaner avoid obstacles and stairs. When it starts to run out of battery power, it goes to the recharging station by itself and continues from where it left off when the battery is fully charged.