Gadgets and Systems that Make Your Home Safer

Would you and your family like to feel safer at home, and have peace of mind each time you leave on holiday? If so, then what you need to do is to make sure you invest only in quality security devices. Here are some of the best gadgets that make your home safer, available on the market these days.

Sommer3/ 4 hp direct drive garage door opener

Do you have a garage as well on your property? If so, then install a garage door opener in order to protect it from burglars. The Sommer3/ 4 hp direct drive garage door opener is a wonderful device that operates quietly, and which is very powerful. It can lift doors up to 550 pounds, and it features a sensor system that will automatically stop and lift the door in case there is any person or object in its way. The Sommer3/ 4 hp direct drive garage door opener has a lifetime warranty on all its components, which is absolutely wonderful. Not too many devices of this type have a lifetime warranty, so you need to take into account this important detail.

Genie smart door lock

With the Genie smart door lock, you can lock and unlock your door, even if you are on the other side of the world. This is a great security solution for any home. You can install it yourself, and it is also very easy to use. If you really want to protect your family and your goods as well from burglars, then you must go for the Genie smart door lock. You will certainly have peace of mind when you leave your home, as you will be informed at all times if there is any suspicious activity.

Simplisafe2 WiFi home security system

If you are looking for the best gadgets and systems that make your home safer, then you certainly need to go for the Simplisafe2 WiFi home security system. Most of the security system available on the market these days do not alert the police in case a burglar smashes the keypad quickly, but with this system this will not happen. The device will still alert the police. The Simplisafe2 WiFi home security system shields your home with several layers of protection such as high-caliber motion detectors, WiFi freeze and water sensors, key chain remote, carbon monoxide detection, panic button for emergencies, clever entry sensors for your doors, and a WiFi keypad with secret duress PIN. While you are away, the system will send you alerts, in order to keep you informed 24/7.