Want to increase the power of your laptop WIFI?

configuracion-wifi-antenaMore than six months ago I bought a Toshiba Satellite with which I was very happy and the laptop has been one of my best buys. But I started having problems with the wireless connection.

WiFi is short, I felt inadequate coverage and the speed was significantly slower than cable LAN. Over time I found to be normal and also wireless infirmity of the poor quality of the antenna on my laptop.

But a couple of days ago I discovered that you can increase the power and reach of the antenna, because the default is low power. Curiously this configuration the minimum is defined by default in at least three other laptops I’ve seen and improve their quality WIFI. This is to save power.

Seem obvious but no idea of the existence of this poor settings until I was about to call for service and now I’ve put a cap thousand works wonders, does not fall at all and I am surprised that the speed is as fast that cable (I had been accustomed to a very slow).

I really would have saved a lot of trouble before you have discovered, I hope that you will serve and improve the quality of your connection!

Steps to make the most of the WiFi signal:

1. Button: Home
> Control Panel
> Right click the mouse over the icon: Network Connections
> Click on Properties
2. Button: Settings.
3. Tab: Advanced.
4. Search options: Transmit Power and power management.
Both Intel and Atheros WiFi chips have confirmed that work on a similar or equivalent. In any case there is this option on your laptop should be in the same place name equivalent.
5. Putting the bars at full power.
6. Save changes.