Innovative Laundry Gadgets

It’s a great time for technological innovation. Nowadays, technology advanced and plenty of people find useful those gadgets which are able to do their work. There are several innovative laundry gadgets which will help you save time and money.

My Little Steamer Go Mini

My Little Steamer Go Mini is a compact steamer which comes with a clean design and high performance. Moreover, this handheld steamer has a retractable cord and it uses AC power with a heating component of 900 watts and an illuminated on/off light. Most people choose to buy this unit due to its versatility. In fact, this little steamer is made for travelers because it is small, portable and very useful. Furthermore, it has a waterproof storage pouch for packing. Despite the miniature size, you should know that one of the most impressive things about My Little Steamer is that it produces a great deal of steam. For a proper maintenance, it’s recommended to clean the gadget with white vinegar and water.

Steam Fast Fabric Steamer and Iron Model SF-432

This innovative gadget is a double-duty appliance which features a great design. It can be mounted on a wall or you can even place it on a tabletop, lift the nozzle and use it is as an iron because it also doubles as an iron. The Steam Fast has a large water tank which it refills easily from the front. A lot of people choose to use this handheld steamer due to its cleaning mode to flush out built-up water minerals. Furthermore, it comes with a measuring cup and a fabric brush.

Jiffy Esteam

Due to its impressive size water tank, the Jiffy Esteam provides a good amount of continuous steam. It also has a slim shape which will make it easy to use and tuck into a suitcase. However, if you are thinking about buying a Jiffy Esteam handheld steamer, you should know that no attachments are included for its hefty price tag.

Rowenta Pro Compact IS1430

While most handheld steamers are designed for travel, Rowenta Pro Compact was created for home use. This powerful and portable steamer produces a good amount of steams from its large water tank. This model comes with an assortment of tools including upholstery brush, a lint pad, a crease attachment and a fabric brush.