Modern Devices for Passionate Golfers

Golf is no longer a game that only requires a ball and a club because nowadays, most golfers have in their golf bag a variety of golf devices that completely change the way they play golf. The purpose of every golf gadget available on the market is to improve one’s performance and for that, it uses the most advanced technologies. The following modern golf devices are the best choice for passionate golfers who want to give their best during a golf game.

GC2 Smart Camera System

This device is more than a launch monitor, it is a game changer that will help you improve your golf game. The GC2 allows you to practice golf anywhere and at any time since it easily goes from the outdoor mode to the indoor mode. When playing outdoors, the device uses the self-leveling technology to provide accurate measurements at club impact on every shot and on any type of terrain. Indoors, the GC2 measures the ball characteristics at launch-impact, all for offering you a clear view of your golf game. Moreover, the system rapidly turns into a golf simulator.

Zepp Golf 2 Golf Swing Analyzer

Nevertheless, the swing is an essential part of a golf game and requires maximum attention, as well as the intervention of a smart gadget like the Zepp swing analyzer. This device attaches to the golf glove and uses multiple sensors to determine the golfer’s position and swing parameters such as club speed, club plane, or tempo. Afterwards, it sends the data to a chart that the user can watch in order to see what is wrong with their swing. The device also works as a coach that offers personalized video training programs meant to improve one’s game.

Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder

Without a doubt, a passionate golfer must have a rangefinder at hand and the Bushnell Tour X is an excellent choice that combines accuracy and ease of use in the best way possible. This laser rangefinder uses the patented Exchange and Slope technologies that make it useful on any type of golf course. The measurements offered by this device are highly accurate and they help the golfer achieve precise shots without having to guess the distance to the hole.