Specifications that Matter when Buying a Sound Machine

Hands down, the sound machine is the most useful gadget you can use to improve the quality of your sleep. The efficiency of this item is influenced by some features that make it more or less convenient to use, so you can say that it’s important to know what to look for in a sound machine. To help you make the best purchase, we have selected some of the most important specifications that matter when buying a sound machine.

Check for a white noise feature

One thing to look for in a sound machine is the white noise option that guarantees you will be falling asleep faster at night. White noise is a buzzing sound of a high frequency that can mask most of the disturbing sounds that might ruin your sleep such as traffic noise, snoring, or music.

Multiple sounds mean multiple benefits

The efficiency of the sound machine has to do with how many sounds it offers because the more sounds you can choose from, the higher your chances of falling asleep faster. While some units only come with a white noise feature, others can include up to 20 different sounds that replicate nature sounds like waterfall, wind, or ocean. Plus, there are sound machines that let you choose between white, pink, or brown noise so you will be able to find the right frequency that put you to sleep.

An adjustable volume feature will come in handy

Not everyone likes to listen to a sound machine at a certain level or some people might want to turn down the volume before falling asleep so, an adjustable volume level would certainly be useful. When you buy a sound machine, see how many volume levels it has because you will need to adjust it at some point.

Programmable sound machines are more convenient

Instead of buying a sound machine that only lets you play the sounds for the entire night or until you turn it off, look for one with a programmable timer. This specification is important for your personal comfort if you don’t fancy the idea of leaving the sound machine on after falling asleep. The timer lets you set the unit to work for a certain amount of time before it will automatically turn off.

See if the sound machine comes with accessories

Although most sound machines connect to a power outlet, it’s best to buy one that can also be battery powered so you can take it anywhere with you and use it even if you don’t have power source. Also, bear in mind that a headphone jack will also be useful when you want to listen to the sound machine in crowded place like a bus.