The Downsides of Nowadays Technology

Technology is everywhere around us and, let’s face it, we all made use of it even when not absolutely necessary just because it made our lives so much easier. The overuse of technology has its drawbacks as well as it has its advantages but it’s harder for people to see the bad in something that is so useful most of the times. This doesn’t mean that technology doesn’t cause harm and you are about to see which are its downsides on many aspects of your life.

Technology promotes isolation

While technology has eased communication, it can actually ruin the connection between two close people as it focuses on communicating with the ones who are away. If you take social media, for example, you will see that people are so obsessed with posting stuff and keeping in touch with people they haven’t seen in a while or never in their life and they neglect the relationship they have with the people they live with. Also, messages and emails have taken away the beauty of communication as people no longer try to express themselves by voice and body language and they prefer to send a written message.

Technology deteriorates the language

People who constantly use technology as a means of communication tend to misspell words and alter their shape out of a habit or simply because they want to shorten a sentence. This leads to the deterioration of a language as people start to forget the correct form of a word or start using the messaging slang, abbreviations, and acronyms even when it is not the case.

People who use technology are less competent

Technology also lowers the competence of people who start to rely more on machines and tools that make their job a lot easier. When someone gets a taste of technology and sees how effective it is, they are no longer motivated to do something on their own with more effort. This leads to a decreased level of creativity, skills, and passion put into achieving a goal or doing a job well.

Technology can become a dangerous weapon

People who are good at technology can use it to create world destruction weapons, powerful chemicals, and machines with artificial intelligence that could soon replace humans. All this thirst for technology can become a threatening matter if not used wisely.

Technology can become a distraction

The fact that technology makes us reachable at any time and no matter where we are is a good thing but it can also have its downsides. First of all, we can’t focus anymore knowing that we have received a message or waiting for one to arrive. We could experience stress and anxiety and it might be hard to maintain a discussion or finish a project while we are constantly interrupted by mails, messages, or incoming calls. Secondly, with the internet so at hand, we feel the urge to browse it from time to time so we get distracted from what we were previously doing.