Wired vs Wireless Mouse – Which is Better for Gaming?

Gamers know the importance of the equipment they rely on and they know that a small detail can make the difference between a victory and a failure. The mouse used for gaming is an important part of the battle arsenal and it should be carefully chosen. The choice is reduced to either wired or wireless and it highly depends on each type’s specifications. To make sure you will enjoy the best performance while gaming, here is what you need to know before picking a type of mouse.
There are many myths about gaming mice and only the most dedicated gamers can know the difference between reality and a hoax. Still, the mouse is as important as the gaming monitor or the keyboard you are using so it’s essential to rely on a high-quality one. Whether you opt for optic or laser mice that are different in certain aspects, you will certainly improve your gaming skills if you buy the one with the highest sensitivity and the best price.

    • Connection and sensitivity

The main concern is related to the way the mouse moves and how realistically it plays the movements. The wired mouse is connected to the computer via a cord so it can connect instantly and it has zero lag meaning the movements will not be played in slow motion or seconds after you have moved the mouse. The wireless mouse, on the other hand, has a large amount of lag due to the sleep mode that prevents battery waste, so it might experience some unsyncing. Most gamers say that they prefer the wired version because it has a higher DPI or a higher sensitivity. This means that the gamer will be able to move faster and further across the screen with smaller movements because the mouse has a higher sensitivity. Therefore, many game players opt for the traditional wired mouse when it comes to performance.

    • Working life

If you go for a wired mouse, it will be plugged into the computer and it will be powered by the computer so you won’t have to worry about it dying in the middle of a game. Wireless models have the disadvantage of relying on batteries so if they run out, the mouse will become useless and you won’t be able to control the game any more. This is another point for the wired type of mouse.

    • Cost

The traditional gaming mouse with a wire is less expensive because it doesn’t use a very sophisticated technology. Cordless items cost more because they are more high-end and the generation of cordless gadgets is sometimes overrated. If you are willing to spend a few dozens bucks extra, you can always choose a more sophisticated cordless mouse.

    • Design

This is where the cordless version scores some points, mainly in terms of convenience. The reason why cordless desk gadgets were designed is to save space and eliminate the clutter of wires hanging from the computer. It’s also more travel-friendly so you can take it anywhere with you if you are planning to have a game arcade at a friend’s house. The shape has also evolved during the past years, turning the mouse into a real work of art and a centerpiece on any desk. The futuristic design, the vivid colors, and even the personalized drawings guarantee that the mouse will no longer be a simple gizmo.

    • Freedom

Although not essential, how much a mouse lets you move can make you feel more comfortable while playing. No one actually wants to sit in another room when playing a game so a wide range of operation is not something to look for. However, you might enjoy the fact that you can hold the cordless mouse while sitting on the bed or moving across the room, something you can’t do with a wired mouse.

The conclusion is that the most common choice is the corded mouse because it provides the reliability of a corded gadget that isn’t exposed to the failure of a battery. However, due to the futuristic design and the freedom in movement, the cordless one can also be an option for those who are not very involved in gaming. Bottom line, you should get the mouse you feel most comfortable with.